Once again, we have to THANK YOU for all your support and amount of work you have put in, in what was meant to be just a small family affair. Our wedding was absolutely amazing and all our guests were so impressed and touched with all the details you arranged, without us having to even think of them. We would have never done it without you!

Your patience throughout the months of emailing and preparation, changing our minds completely from an island wedding back to Dubrovnik itself, and your knowledgeable advise made our 'planning' so easy! All your recommendations were so spot on. From choosing the most perfect location in Dubrovnik Palace, to setting up of a chuppa in the Beach Club, help with our ceremony text, flower arrangements, reception set up and the night club... everything was so perfectly organized and the evening went smoothly, we actually really relaxed and enjoyed it and didn't have to worry about anything :)

Also, thank you for helping us with organizing activities throughout our stay in Dubrovnik and booking dinners and recommending places for us to go and do as a group. Every place you recommended gave us a very special treatment, and we felt in the end that we had a 'wedding week' rather then a wedding day. It was truly unforgettable!

Boyana and Shaun, married September 2010

Ines, I have to thank you especially for all your time and emails and research, prior to the wedding. Everyone in Cape Town thought I was MAD to be organizing a wedding in Croatia, but you made me feel so at ease and I fully trusted all your advise and recommendations. In the end we had a wedding so beautiful, Cape Town has never seen before! :-)

Surely, we are forgetting to mention so many details. You and Marin and your team were just so amazing to us! Highly professional and efficient and no request was too small for you to arrange. We are so grateful for everything you have done to make our wedding day truly memorable and we wish you every success in the future!

With Love, Boyana and Shaun, married September 2010

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