Dijana Coso, Official Decorator and Florist

Owning and running a family flower shop just down the street, Diana developed her talent and impressive skills with flowers for over a decade now. We are proud to have her as our official decorator, as she is known as number one wedding florist in the region. You will understand why.

Veronica Arevalo Allende, Official Wedding Photographer

Her cameras have captured dozens' of couples' wedding days all over the world- Bahamas, Jamaica, Miami, Carribean, Croatia. It is needless to say more...
A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Your wedding pictures are grounds for your memories to be passed for generations to come. Let the experts do the work.

"Back office" team members and preferred partners:

Martina, Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Martina's positive spirit and communication skills are not easily found in people. She makes sure we project the idea to the world in a way we truly feel- that no obstacle is too big and that when you really want something, if you try hard enough, you can achieve it.

DUBE - our head hair stylist. A very important team member, trust us, she can save the day even when it rains...
JASNA - the nail expert, with natural born talent, she will make your nails a significant detail of your wedding...
IVANA - our favorite masseuse. She will be available for you on spot to relax and unwind you before the big day. But be careful- you can get addicted... We know we did.

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